Yousuf Abdulrahman Engineer Holding Company has been named after its founder the late Yousif Abdulrahman Engineer who started his business in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the early 1930's in the field of Water drilling. The founder was named 'Engineer' by foreign experts who came to Bahrain exploring for oil. The title was a clear recognition of the quality of his work and cooperation with those experts. He helped them allocate their operations by providing them with samples of under-ground clay that came out during the water drilling process. The founder was very proud of the title and therefore, he decided to keep it as inseparable part of his family name forever.

As a result of his spectacular success in the field of water drilling throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain, the founder became the most famous water driller in the Kingdom and, thereafter, in the rest of the Gulf region such as the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, State of Kuwait, Emirate of Abu Dhabi and Sultanate of Oman. He was usually directed by orders of the ruler of Bahrain from time to time to assist those countries in finding potable water.

Capitalizing on his excellent business relationship with the oil companies, the founder realized a window of business opportunity in helping those companies through providing their employees with road transportation. The turning point took place during the fifties when he signed his first formal agreement to transport the employees of the American construction companies K.C.C., Foster Wheeler, and ACME which had come to build the oil refinery in Bahrain.

Upon the independence of Bahrain in 1971, the government decided to nationalize the field of water drilling in the country, which created a serious challenge for the founder to safeguard his business activities at home. As a result, he started to focus on transportation as his best business alternative where he gained good amount of experience during the last four decades. He remained as an independent advisor and supplier of equipment and accessories to the governmental body which ran the drilling business.

At that stage of his private business development, and with the help of his sons, the founder was able to make a sizeable expansion in the field of transportation and some other success in various commercial sectors. To that end, he decided to conclude his active business life by handing over all his business activities to his sons to continue the path of achieving more of his dreams.


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