Food Manufacturing & Catering


Food Supply Company (FOOSCO) was founded in 1983 and has since grown to be the leading food and beverages manufacturing and catering company in Bahrain. It is 100% Bahraini owned and managed by highly qualified food professionals. The catering side of the business has been operating canteens in a large number of Government and private schools as well as airlines and various other organizations in Bahrain.

The manufacturing side of the business is responsible for the manufacture of a wide range of products like sandwiches (cheese, chicken, egg, etc), frozen samosas, keema, filafil, pizza, zattar, fruit drinks, ice lollies and chips. They are produced under the highest hygienic conditions through the use of world's most modern and automatic machinery. The sandwich making machine can manufacture 4000 sandwiches per hour, which are wrapped in a continuous operation without human handling. Such operations prevent products from foreign contamination and preserves its freshness.

In keeping up its growth, a new $8 million plant on a 7000 m2 area at the Bahrain International Investment Park was constructed for the manufacture of potato chips, extruded and pellet snacks and nuts processing. Commercial production has already begun. The plant utilizes state of the art processing and packaging machinery from The Netherlands, USA and Japan. The products manufactured are supplied to schools, the local Bahraini market as well as other GCC countries.

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