YARE has a portfolio of investments, all of which are characterized by the company's focus on long-term committed partnership. Using the latest risk assessment methodologies, combined with many years of experience, YARE identifies businesses that it believes would benefit from a long-term strategic investment and also generates a sustained return. In following this strategy, YARE has developed a close relationship with many leading national as well as international banks, MNC's etc. YARE studies each company's financial performance, industry position, management quality and long-term business plans to determine which companies have the best potential of increasing in value over the long-term.

Our dedicated teams of investment professionals are continuously screening opportunities in the developed and emerging markets to identify value and growth opportunities.

Our approach to risk management has ensured strong risk-adjusted returns over the long term

We look for companies that exhibit the following characteristics:

Defensible market positions
Stable or growing revenues
Significant free cash flow
Operating flexibility
Appropriate capitalization
Excellent, incentivized management

Our teams of professionals create value through their operational and financial expertise in the management of companies

YARE approaches investment with a long-term outlook, similar to an insurance or pension fund. The investment portfolio mainly includes cash, equities, hedge funds, private equity funds, fixed income securities, real estate and investment in associated companies.


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