National Transport Company


Trucking and Land Freight

Backed by our vast experience in cargo transportation, we ensure that goods will travel in a safe and sound condition.

We offer full or part load cargo transportation to and from any location across the Middle East region by low bed, long bed curtain type and box type trailers. We strive to provide the best transportation service that is safe, competitive and economical. Having handled cargo for major clients such as ALBA, MIDAL etc, we gained extensive experience in handling various type of cargo from aluminum and cables to live fish and dairy products.

Our Our Transport department is managed by a team with over 22 years experience in this field and knowledgeable of the rules and regulations. NTC is also engaged in leasing and operating cranes and forklifts to carry various industrial goods from the plants to different market outlets in the Kingdom of Bahrain as well as to the seaport for export, especially those packed in containers.


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